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IF YOU HAVE PSORIASIS - or if someone you know has psoriasis, you need this book. My book was in the top ten in its category at Amazon for over 10 years. Why? Because it is 'actionable'.

Now available only from this site as an e-book at half the price. Written by Nutritional Consultant Jerry Scott 15 years ago, Psoriasis the Real Way Out consistently listed in the top 10 titles in its category for many years at Amazon, and is still as relevant as the day it was released. After selling around ten thousand copies around the world by several methods, the paperback version has been withdrawn from Amazon due to onerous shipping policies. It is now available as a PDF e-book for download.

Psoriasis, the Real Way Out - Reader Comments

The following are among my favorites of completely unsolicited feedback from readers over the years. They may allow you to relate to both the struggle with the condition and the positive emotions that people have when they experience a breakthrough. I am grateful to have played whatever small part I did in assisting.

“It means so much that I can write to you. My arms are pretty much cleared and they (my customers) have noticed that too. I tell them, and I give them information as to how they can learn about what I did. I have the tool I need and that is a comfort. Just knowing that there is something I can do besides taking dangerous drugs to turn this around is the best thing going. This book may have saved my life and I thank you with my whole heart. The book is my skin bible now.” – Loretta (FL)

“I have received some great benefits from the program already in just one month. My stomach pain stopped, which I have had for months and was worried about, heartburn going to bed that kept me awake or else taking Tums to get to sleep, also no waking up in the middle of the night anymore with ulcer pain. This is all such a relief & unbelievable that this could happen so soon.” Kitty (ON)

“I want to thank you for your emails. The program has definitely worked for me. When I first began the regime, I was diagnosed as being 88% covered. I was scheduled to begin a trial treatment, and opted to decline due to the unknown in the medications. I am pleased to tell you that I am now 90% clear, due to diet, supplements and your advice! I feel better than ever before. Some have said that it may just be in remission. That may be so, but I am enjoying no spots! Thank you so much. You changed my life.” – Janette (TX)

“Just a quick note to let you know things are going good with my program. I am close to ending the third month and am having great results. (Some areas of my skin are moving along slower than others, but that’s OK. At least I know it’s working.) I have been enjoying the readings I have been receiving. If only every psoriasis patient in the world could know about such a program as this, it would put an end to a lot of tears.” – Linda (MI)

“Many thanks for your help and advice through PCI. My psoriasis has virtually cleared. I have not followed the diet path religiously although I have maintained a much healthier regime with a marked reduction in sugar and fats. Also I have been taking flaxseed and lecithin daily. There may also have been some help from spending 2 weeks in Rhodes with daily bathing in the sea, lots of sun and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. My weight has reduced by 15 lbs and maintained at that level.” – Charles (United Kingdom)

“It’s been a little over 4 months since I started the program. About 3 weeks ago I started to notice the patches on my skin thin out and start showing my regular skin through them! I can’t tell you how elated I am about this!! The majority of the sores are on my forehead and face, but they are slowly going away. Those who have been with me throughout the program see progress. I think for all of us there comes a point when you’re willing to sacrifice to get better. I am thankful that the psoriasis appeared on my face and not under my clothes as much. It gave me the strength to stick to the diet when I really wanted a candy bar. Thank you for your encouragement and positive words. Your program was nothing less than a miracle for me during a time when I felt hopeless. My only wish is that this program becomes mainstream and that doctors would prescribe it instead of creams and antibiotics.” – M.G. (OR)

"Just to let you know that thanks to naturopathic intervention, my daughter is much improved. She is not 100%, but is much better than her paediatrician, who ironically, and tragically, has succumbed to a stroke.... thanks so much for your sensible and kind advice.”   Best, Diane” (England)

Chapter Headings - Psoriasis the Real Way Out e-book
by Jerry G Scott R.N.C.

Chapter 1.   Taking Charge of Your Own Case
Chapter 2.   The Paradigm Myth

Chapter 3.   Big Pharma & the Politics of Medicine
Chapter 4.   Why am I Stuck?
Chapter 5.   The Reality of Leaky Gut Syndrome
Chapter 6.   What Science is Telling Us
Chapter 7.   Digestive & Colon Health
Chapter 8.   Acid/Alkaline Balancing
Chapter 9.   Stress Factors in Healing
Chapter 10. Rebuilding the Body
Chapter 11. Immune System Involvement
Chapter 12. Habits
Chapter 13. Last Rites for the Old Food Chain
Chapter 14. How to Grocery Shop for Survival
Chapter 15. How to Eat
Chapter 16. A Case for Supplementation
Chapter 17. Getting Down to Doing the Healing
Chapter 18. Secrets to Optimal Health
Chapter 19. How you can Help Yourself & Others
Resources: Online and off.
190 Pages