“There is nothing available anywhere else in the world, with or without a prescription, that has been clinically proven to do what these capsules do in the human body.”  - Dr. Richard Dubois, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Atlanta USA

From left to right: Omega Blend, Fruits, Vegetables, Berries.

Some people start with fruits & vegetables and add berries & Omega later.

Easy, Effective, & Affordable, Juice Plus bridges the gap between what we know we should be eating and what we actually eat.


A view by Jerry Scott R.N.C.
Registered Nutritional Consultant & twenty-year advocate of the many benefits of the whole food supplement called Juice Plus+ for children & adults alike, involving the most researched whole food nutritional product in history.

TODAY'S REALITY is that we are not doing very well with food.

  • 60% of adults overweight, obese or unhealthy
  • 25% of children are in the same trouble and it is increasing dramatically
  • We are overfed and undernourished at the same time.

Now you have an option.

If you would like to experience all of the personal benefits of assisting your body with the 7-13 servings of fruits & vegetables that are universally recommended, then there is no better way than this to get the job done, as hard as we might otherwise try. I started 24 years ago, but you can start today. It's never too late to make an improvement to your health status.


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  • Juice Plus is shipped in a 4-month supply but you only pay monthly. Easy.

If you do order Juice Plus, I will be advised by the company and will send you a  CONGRATULATORY message commending you on a very good decision.

The Best Part of Ordering

Here's the best part of ordering Juice Plus - the company will send you a 4-month supply up front on the Preferred Customer re-order program (you can cancel anytime) yet you are only billed monthly. This helps with cash flow and ensures you a steady supply. I've been doing this myself for 24 years. You can easily raise your game by adding this raw, whole food to your daily sustenance for the cost of a coffee.

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