How I Got Here
My awakening came at age 17 when my 42-year-old father had a massive heart attack and called me in to the hospital to say what he thought were his goodbyes. The shock of that experience caused me to never again take health for granted. In the meantime, my father did recover, and lived on to the age of 83. However, his previous lifestyle had caught up to him, and he had to endure 3 open heart surgeries on his life journey.

Fast forward two decades and I developed psoriasis, at which time I was told that there was ‘no known cause or cure’. Following a few years of intensive research, I learned that no known cause or cure was utter nonsense. I healed with my newfound knowledge, then wrote a common sense book on the subject which sold through Amazon and the Health Sciences Institute of Baltimore. It is now available only on this website as an e-book at half the cost.

However, this site is not about psoriasis, rather it is about adding life to your years through knowledge.

I also completed a course of study to become an RNC, or Registered Nutritional Consultant, which led me to establish this service. Helping people to achieve and maintain optimal health has become my driving force and purpose.

Hopefully I can be of assistance to you.                                          Go to: Nutritional Assessments



What happens when the principles of nutritional balancing

are coordinated with lifestyle changes.

  In this case, a 70-year-old over the course of one year.

improving health, reverse markers

Bio-markers Nov 2017Bio-markers Nov 2018
Weight = 85 kgWeight 75 kg
Body Mass Index (BMI) = 28.9BMI 25.8
Body Fat = 32.8Body Fat 27.0
Muscle = 31.0Muscle 33.5
Calories to maintain = 1712Calories to maintain 1644
Visceral Fat = 17Visceral Fat 12
Functional Bio-age = 65Bio-age = 57


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